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Aquatic Sciences Inc. Joins the Hamilton-Scourge Project

Aquatic Sciences Inc., an international marine sciences company, has joined the Hamilton & Scourge Project as the technical support team. ASI will be working with the Project Coordinator, other City of Hamilton staff and Parks Canada to develop the technical specifications for the study project.

Carmelo (Carmen) Sferrazza, General Manager

Mr. Sferrazza has more than 20 years of international experience in Senior Project Management, Project Finance and Research & Development. He founded Aquatic Sciences Inc. in 1987 and oversees operations of the Engineering, Environmental, Zebra Mussel Control, Marine Geophysical, Commercial Diving, and Ecological Toxicity services.

Carmen has been instrumental in the development of environmental technology which has positioned ASI as the world leader in Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) tunnel inspections, biofouling control and monitoring devices and turnkey water treatment programmes.

Aquatic Sciences Inc.

Aquatic Sciences Inc. (ASI) is an international company that provides a range of professional services to industry and the public sector for managing water and wastewater. ASI offers solutions to a variety of water and wastewater management problems.

Our company offers technical expertise in engineering, environmental biology and marine sciences to clients in North and South America, Europe and Australasia. We are known especially for work in biofouling control, water treatment, aquatic biology, and remote underwater inspection technology for tunnels and pipelines.

ASI has grown to a team of seventy professionals including a technical support team of nineteen. The main facility is based in St. Catharines, Ontario on the banks of Lake Ontario. A branch office located in Sarnia, Ontario on the St. Clair River services the needs of petroleum and chemical industries. Our St. Catharines facility includes underwater robotic facilities, ecotoxicity labs and fabrication shop.

Professional and technical staff includes civil, wastewater and chemical engineers; environmental biologists and scientists; ecotoxicologists, environmental, electronics and engineering technicians; industrial and municipal water treatment operators; marine engineers; hydrographic surveyors and commercial divers.

ASI is known particularly for quick innovative, lower cost response to the changing needs of its clients. This is demonstrated by its leadership role in addressing the problem of fresh water infestations by zebra mussels. ASI was the first company in North America to complete a water treatment program for zebra mussels control.

ASI is a world leader in long tunnel engineering inspection services and technology. This allows safer, lower cost and less time consuming long range inspections of tunnels over 10 km in length without the need for dewatering. The company recently inspected the longest water tunnel in the world, approximately 120 km in length. An unprecedented remote intervention of 10 km from a single entry point was also achieved during this project.

ASI's underwater experience permits successful handling of most industrial water assignments by continually evaluating new technical approaches better, lower cost responses are assured. Our growing range of project experience supports this claim.


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