2008 Condition Survey

2008 Condition Survey

ASI Group Ltd. (ASI) of St. Catharines, Ontario was contracted by the City of Hamilton (COH) to conduct a condition survey, using an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV), of the Hamilton and Scourge shipwrecks which are located in Lake Ontario.

The ASI work was conducted under an archaeological license (#2008-008) issued by the Ontario Ministry of Culture to Jonathan Moore, underwater archaeologist for Parks Canada. The condition survey was carried out May 11-15, 2008 inclusive. The Canadian Navy's Fleet Diving Unit (FDU) Atlantic provided an ROV and crew to assist with this inspection work. It is not within the scope of work of this report to provide details regarding the FDU equipment and inspection findings. This document fulfills ASI's reporting obligations with regards to the specific tasks that ASI carried out under contract to the City of Hamilton.

A full marine archaeological report addressing all on site activities during this project will be jointly prepared by Parks Canada and ASI. This final marine archaeological report, which is required as a condition of the archaeological license, will be submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Culture and the City of Hamilton.

Project Partners

The following agencies and organizations contributed to this project:

City of Hamilton   Provided funding for condition survey.
ASI Group Ltd.Overall condition survey project management, logistical planning, underwater engineering direction, ROV operations, underwater acoustic survey, transfer of personnel by boat (using two vessels under contract to the City of Hamilton), data post-processing and preliminary archaeological reporting.
Parks CanadaOverall underwater archaeological direction and technical expertise, project archaeological licensee, side scan sonar data collection, ROV operations and final archaeological reporting.
Canada Coast GuardProvided mooring deployment vessel and crew, mooring hardware and vessels for transporting personnel during the condition survey. Provided vessel and crew for memorial service at completion of the condition survey.
Canadian NavyProvided Kingston-class vessel and crew for surface platform during condition survey. Also provided additional ROV and crew to assist with condition survey.
Canadian Hydrographic ServiceProvided multibeam sonar data collection and editing.
National Water - Research InstituteProvided scientific moorings and report to evaluate site specific conditions such as currents, temperature and water clarity.


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